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Master of Biotechnology

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I am a post graduate from HPU, Shimla (India). I received my Master's degree in Biotechnology and qualified PhD fellowship exam but I chose teaching over Ph D as it was in my blood :-). I started to teach in year 2011 and enjoyed my journey as for over 6 years. I have learnt a lot from all of my students and have spent great time with them. Its always wonderful to teach students something new everyday. I have come across with students from all ages and grades. I have taught from grade 9th to college students. I am in love with Biology so it has always been best subject for me. Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics, Animal physiology, Immunology, developmental biology are few of my favorite subjects. When I teach developmental biology, I feel amazed.
I am a firm proponent of education, believing it to be absolutely necessary for an improved quality of life, and I try to impart this appreciation to all of my students.
I believe in 2 way communication and adapt at utilizing innovative ways to put information in their mind.


Master of Biotechnology



Bachelor of Science (B.S.)



Zoology Chemistry


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