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Tutor Since: September 2020

Last Online: October 5th 1:18pm (EDT)

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Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

Thanks to my Bachelor's degree in Psychology as well as completing two semesters on a Master's level in Clinical Psychology, I have gained proficiency in understanding and even implementing many psychological theories and sub-fields: from cognitive neuroscience and the anatomy of the nervous system to statistical analysis, research planning and finally my biggest passion-psychopathology.

During my academic career I have written dozens of essays and assisted in the process of writing many research papers which have provided me with valuable knowledge that I am able to pass on to younger students struggling on their academic path.
I am also in the process of attaining a certificate for becoming a Counselor/Psychotherapist from which I have learned a lot on differing psychotherapy schools and modules and am familiar with real-life examples and case-studies of the efficiency of numerous counseling techniques.

Apart from Psychology, I've always been passionate about writing and have even won a local student award for an essay on the topic of freedom in modern society.I spend a lot of my free time reading Philosophy books and essays and have even completed several academic and online courses from this field.

As a result of all of this experience and knowledge, as well as empathy and communication skills, I believe that I am able to recognize students' needs and to find optimal solutions to their problems.

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