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Tutor Since: June 2020

Last Online: March 8th 8:35am (EST)

Completed: 0 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

As a software developer, I have 3-year of experience in planning, implementing, testing, and developing both front end and back end web application in .Net MVC, AngularJs, and SQL server. Currently, I'm pursuing post-graduation in mobile application development Canada.

I'm working with Iristel Inc. as a software engineer. Currently, working on projects to automate the process of wireless number portability. Also working on providing a real-time solution to route toll-free numbers.

Previously I was associated with SPEC-INDIA as a software engineer. At SPEC-INDIA, I worked on the development of a custom ERP system especially in the development of the HR module. And I also worked on API development, API security, and database query optimization.

I have done my bachelor's in Information and communication technology from Ahmedabad University, which follows project-based learning pedagogy, where I learned and worked on different kinds of projects in various technologies. Such as, developed a cloud compiler in a team of 4 students while learning cloud computing, which allows a user to write and store code on the cloud. I also worked on generative models while exploring machine learning.

Programming languages: C# .Net, Python, AngularJS, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Core JAVA

Frameworks: Jinja (Python), Dev Express (.Net)

Database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL server

Tools: Visual Studio, JIRA, NetBeans IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, SVN, Git, LaTex

Software development methodologies: Agile Software Development, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Scrum

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