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My most recent academic degree is Master of Human Rights and Democracy in South East Europe (joint degree by University of Sarajevo and Bologna), where I successfully defended the thesis: “Inviolable dignity? The role of humiliation in conflict”. The topic of this research is humiliation, in time of conflict as a violation of human dignity a basis of fundamental human rights, explaining the phenomenon of humiliation, with accent on a group level, pointing out to its different aspects, and implicitly questioning the guaranty of human dignity, through the example of the conflict of Former Yugoslavia.
The second Master degree was a type of extension from the first one, which is International Relations- in the field of Conflict resolution, where the main goal was to bring together psychology and conflict resolution, through the Master thesis “Socio-psychological barriers in conflict resolution”. Great part took collective memory through examples of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, meaning evoking and using the collective memory in time of conflict.
My BA degree is in Psychology. Besides the excellent theoretical knowledge, which I gained through studying psychology, a strong emphasis was put in social, quantitative, qualitative researches and methodology. By that time it was natural to me, to gain communication skills, openness to communication, working in small and larger groups, in a multicultural environment.
I'm also a systemic and family counselor, I attended course of family and systemic psychotherapy.
My last research position was a Junior Fellow Researcher at Institute of Advanced Studies in Hungary, where I research the topic of “Memory, trauma and post-conflict peace-building”, again with an accent of the conflict of Former Yugoslavia. One of the task is also presenting my research to the Master students, and the academic community, taking part of workshops, seminars and round tables. Also I have another tasks of writing an Article for a book: “Memory and populism”, which will refer to the authoritarian populism in the 90’s in Serbia led by Milosevic.
As a short-term, part-time jobs, mostly I took as an interviewer.Telephone interviewer, providing telephone poll research on sexual harassment of women, project provided by UN women; Field interviewer-providing field research by multiple indicator cluster surveys of households, indicating the condition and quality of life of women and children for UNICEF’s MICS research; Providing field research and collecting data about public opinion for IPSOS.
Currently I'm in the process of starting my PhD studies-Slavic and Balkan studies, with strong anthropological background.

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