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Tutor Since: May 2017

Last Online: December 6th 11:48pm (EST)

Completed: 13 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

As an academician and research scientist specialized in studying and understanding mechanisms and the role of various immune cell types in human and murine models of inflammatory diseases, and cancer, I possess deep understanding of cellular, molecular and biochemical pathways.

The desire to effectively teach was probably innate in me or grew out of my own experiences first as a student and then as an instructor with an immunology professor at the Yale University School of Medicine. I furthered my experience at UC Davis where I got an opportunity to mentor a post-doctoral fellow and two undergraduate students. I was recently selected for an EnCorps STEM teaching fellowship that enabled me to enhance my teaching methodologies by becoming a guest teacher where I have been able to increase my classroom skills extensively. Outside of laboratory, I have tutored immunology and biochemistry (MCB104, Biochemistry 471/571, RAL 298 Topics in Rheumatology, and Clinical Immunology and RAL 299, Research-Autoimmune disease, Molecular Biology to many undergraduate and post-graduate students successfully and have encouraged them to understand how this subject plays an interdisciplinary role in various areas of medical research. The study of immunology is not just about immune system and various cells that participate in conferring immunity but really understanding and acquiring an in-depth understanding and knowledge of various fields in biological sciences that overlap with it.

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Comment : Ritu is an amazing tutor with a lot of expertise in her field. She went above and beyond to help me. I would highly reccommend her. Thank you! I will be back :)

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