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as a tutor, I believe to have strong work experience in embedded programming (C, Assembly) and FPGAs design (VHDL, Verilog/SystemVerilog) and Linux. My passions are also Computer Science (Sw design with UML models, digital circuits), math, and 2D/3D design (eg AutoCad).
I'm a full-time embedded developer for a big tech company, and I used to work for another big company as FPGA digital designer. Also during my master's degree thesis, I used to develop complex digital architectures.
I believe that everything is simple only when you fully comprehend the mechanism. Since we are not good at all the possible subjects, my goal is to simplify a complex concept into small simple concepts for my students. After understanding all these small pieces, you can start to understand your-self more complex mechanism of a subject so you can work on your own for the future without the help of a tutor: we are here to help to build a future pro!


Master of Engineering

Computer Engineering


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