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Doctor of Management | Average response time: 1 minutes

Doctor of Management Average response time: 1 minutes

Jaka (jackwade)

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Doctor of Management| Average response time: 1 minutes

About Jaka

Hereby, I wish to present arguments and references which I beleive qualifiy me to be a very good academic tutor.

• More than 30 years of career experience, including (1) an engineering job in a large construction company; (2) entrepreneurial activity (co-founder of four companies); (3) seven years at CEO position in the middle-sized company; (4) 20 years of pedagogical experience, (5) five years of experience as deputy director of public agency for SME support, (6) four years as a dean of a private business college, (7) 12 years as a president of a small life insurance company (part-time) and (7) five years as a small bank CEO.
• More than 17 years of experience in supervisory board participations (pension fund, venture capital fund) and professional bodies (working groups on different topics in the field of business finance bot on national and EU level).
• Very good education, with engineering background and M.Sc. degree and Ph.D. in business and organizational science, with study experience at Babson College, USA, University of Stirling in University of Humberside, UK, ILO, Italy, Worms Fachuniversitaet, Germany, INSEAD France.
• Working for five years as deputy director of JAPTI (Slovenian small business promotion agency) I have very good understanding of public administration and sector operations (procedures, controls, public procurements, audits etc.). Within this post and later academic post I had several years of experience with EU funded projects. I directly managed activities funded by structural funds (ERDF in ESF), I participated in several other projects (Phare, IPA, Leonardo, Tempus, Erasmus).
• Consulting experience mostly with SMEs including consulting for fundraising (venture capital, business angles, bank lending), corporate governance and transition of family businesses and business development. In the public sector the consulting experience includes projects for different bodies in Slovenia (Ministries, Slovene Enterprise Fund) and in countries of West Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia) designing SME financial support schemes).
• Extensive academic research and pedagogical work, in entrepreneurship, small business economics, innovation, venture capital, mentoring etc. A lot of teaching was performed in English.
• A long-term collaboration with different media (press, web) as author of shorter articles (both popular and professional)


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