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Tutor Since: May 2018

Last Online: July 3rd 12:47pm (EDT)

Completed: 24 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

About me:

I am a graduate student in Psychology at the New School for Social Research in New York.

I earned a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford where I wrote my thesis on neurolinguistics. I also completed a specialist Bachelor of Science degree in Psychological Research at the University of Toronto in 2013 (with high distinction).


I have experience teaching and tutoring university (and high school) students. I taught an abnormal psychology and psychopharmacology class at the University of Oxford in 2014. Since then, I have tutored students in various areas of psychology, neuroscience, statistics, essay writing, literature and study skills.

If you would like support for any university courses in psychology, statistics and literature, feel free to contact me.

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