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Tutor Since: March 2020

Last Online: May 1st 1:19pm (EDT)

Completed: 0 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

My work, first and foremost, has always been driven by my strong passion for providing psychological support to people. Sharing knowledge and helping those in need are the highest values I stand for.

I consider myself as a dedicated professional who takes his work seriously. Having in mind the desire for improving skills and helping others in the best possible way, I chose the Gestalt psychotherapy, which I'm currently studying. I have a keen sense for writing pristine and science backed essays. My field of work consists of subjects closely related to History of Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology and nonverbal behavior.

In the past few years I also got a chance to explore the world of web and graphic design, followed by the web development. My experience lays mostly in creating websites from scratch, as well as upgrading existing ones. It's a nice way to use your creativity and become a part of some passionate work. Speaking about my artistic and tech side, I own a studio for designing wedding decorations. In partnership with few friends, we're constantly delivering creative solutions for romantic couples, but never forgetting the steps of my psychology journey.

So, with lots of motivation and positive energy, I'm a psy-walking through life, always looking forward to new challenges and experiences 🙂

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