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Tutor Since: November 2018

Last Online: February 17th 10:44am

Completed: 15 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

Learning is addictive-- when it's personalized (as it should be) and transforms into discovery. As a US-native living over 3 years in South America, with an M.A. in Comparative Literature and BA degrees in both Spanish and Literature, I'm a full-throttle learning addict. I have a love for all things related to language, culture, and writing; more, I have a child-like fascination for the creative engineering that these variables allow in the imaginative mind.

While pursuing my higher education, I discovered the ability to spread the contagion of conceptual intrigue, to explain concepts in a way that made them stick, and to come alongside other learners in support of their pursuits. I spent over 3 years as a writing tutor at the Pennsylvania State University's Learning Center, conducting both one-to-one sessions and classroom workshops on academic and professional writing. I also used these years to teach ESL through an online platform, and work as a Graduate Research Assistant in the university's Department of Comparative Literature. I am now a published academic literary author, also working as a Program Coordinator and Project Designer/ Translator in the non-profit sector. This work experience has pushed me to not only tutor English writing, but also edit, translate, and transcribe in the Spanish language (at both academic and dialect-based levels). I’m a story teller and a problem solver, excited about challenges that become puzzles, and logistics that become building blocks for solutions. I would be excited to work with others on their own pursuits--reframing, re-organizing, and re-building in order to better our understanding and mastery of them. Be it writing, editing, or language or subject tutoring, let's tackle the puzzle together.

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