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Tutor Since: August 2019

Last Online: September 20th 10:44am (EDT)

Completed: 1 sessions

Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

He earned an honors degree in theology while taking a full course load plus half, followed by an MA in philosophy in London-based course.

His first time teaching in a professional environment was in the US military, as a bomb technician. He trained junior techs, as well as non-techs, both stateside and overseas -- military, police and civilian. The past two years he has been providing theology and philosophy education in a one-on-one tutor style format for a worldwide audience, using the Live Chat software platform.

He has spent the past year in England for an MA in philosophy under the guidance of the world-renowned philosopher and author, Roger Scruton.

Philosophy and theology go hand in hand. and he has had to address both topics in the past two years with his students. Moreover, these subjects are naturally suited to a priori reasoning and deductive inferences, as opposed to empirical observations. His mind is naturally geared in this way. Having always loved philosophy and theology, it's a passion he enjoys sharing with his students. His greatest ability to assist is by providing clarity to complex subjects -- he can break it down simply without being simplistic.

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