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Tutor Since: January 2020

Last Online: April 15th 7:48pm (EDT)

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Available For: Homework Help & Online Tutoring

Highly motivated, creative and performance-driven marketing professional with over 5 years of experience in marketing and communications. A hardworking multilingual, skilled in utilizing a range of techniques to conduct and supervise campaigns in order to facilitate and develop brand awareness. Recognized for excellent team leadership skills and a collaborative approach to problem-solving. Possess sound ability to conceptualize, develop and utilize policies and procedures to pioneer the achievement of the project objectives. Demonstrated ability to evaluate customer research, market conditions, and competitor data. I have excellent spoken and written communication skills.
I am currently acting as an academic director for a business school and teaching marketing and strategic management courses. I am also individually tutoring students in various subjects related to marketing and management. I do also teach courses online, which helps me to improve my online lecturing skills to help students easily grasp the topic discussed in the classroom.
I do also have more than 5 years research experience. My previous research assistant experience enabled me to develop my methodology, data analysis, and research techniques, and I am confident I have the necessary skills to be a great addition helping students. Throughout my academic years, I was exposed to social sciences research methods in many of my research courses during my bachelor, masters and PhD education. My PhD dissertation was a qualitative study dealing with the application of the relationship cultivation strategies in achieving trust and relationship satisfaction between the government and an ethnic community in Macedonia. Moreover, while doing my masters in Corporate Communications, I applied qualitative and quantitative research methods to study the involvement of public relations in the strategic management of business, governmental and non-governmental organizations in Macedonia. This helped me gain practical experience in administering survey questionnaires and in-depth interviews together with entry and analysis of the data. I am proficient in SPSS statistical software, MS Office and several other programs. I can easily complete research, correlate data and report the results on schedule.

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