Online Tutoring - The Supreme Leveler
Online Tutoring - The Supreme Leveler
Oct 01, 2021

Are high-priced, personal tutors just another means for rich families to secure achievement in school and pathways to success for their children in college? Many say that they are.  Low-income families are surely behind in this area because a decent personal tutor gives skills, secrets, useful advice, and bundles of additional school work to the students whose mothers and fathers have the means to hire one. 

The internet being the supreme leveler that it is, it comes as no shock that online tutoring is closing the gap between the wealthy and poor when it comes to achievement in school.  There are a few websites, such as that provide superb online tutoring at such low cost that nearly any student can afford to use it. When these online tutoring sessions are integrated into a student's other academic activities, improved performance in the classroom is almost always the result.  From the time a student begins having periodic online tutoring, higher grades begin to sift into place, and by graduation day, the student's highly-improved academic record increases the choice of grad schools or jobs. The secret is finding the best online tutoring website and then utilizing their services on a regular basis.

In a perfect world, every student would have the same academic advantages and then perform against other students in a pure meritocracy. The real world has never been like that; the most obvious example being the inadequate academic infrastructure and teachers often found in extreme low-income regions around the globe.  In these areas, kids often don't ever attend school, and it is foolish to think of such children as having a fair academic chance. The development of good online tutoring services at low cost levels is beginning to turn this around, and ultimately may lead to one of the most significant and permanent effects of the world wide web.

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