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This assignment involves the manipulation of files and directories. Create screen captures and paste into a Word (or PDF file if desired) document. Complete the following steps in the assignment:

1)    Choose an automobile manufacturer, a department in a department store, or a department in a grocery store as your focus. Create an outline of the items arranged into groups or categories. For example, a grocery store has fruits and vegetables in the produce department. There are many different kinds of fruits: apples, oranges, and pears. There are several kinds of apples to further categorize them: jona, delicious, mountaineer. Develop your outline to be at least three levels.

2)    Then, at the lowest level of your outline, add two or three specific items (e.g., delicious has red and golden; jona has large and small). Consider the items under the lowest level of your outline to be files as leaves and the rest of the levels to be directories as branches.

3)    Create a directory structure in your home directory using the outline you created. Use the touch command and > operator to create some files by using the cat and echo (e.g., echo “This is a small iona apple.” > small).

4)    Use the ln and the ln –s on two or more different files.

5)    When you finished with this directory structure, use the cp –r command to make a duplicate of that directory structure adding the number 2 to the end of the original file name: (e.g., cp –r fruits fruits2).

6)    Use the rm –r command within the duplicate directory to remove one entire branch of the directory: (e.g., rm –r oranges).

7)    Use the mv command to rename a file. List what the source and target file names are in the output report.

8)    Use the chmod command to make one file have 777 permissions. What read, write, and executable permissions does that give you as the owner of this file?

9)    Research the tree command and run it against the directory structure that you created. Describe its usage and output the results. If the tree command is not available on your system, just use the ls command on the directories you created.

10) At the top level of the fruits2 directory structure, redirect the ls –lai command to a file and then echo out that file: ls –lai fruits2 > fruits2list; cat fruits2list. Highlight the file that was renamed and the file with the permission change. Note where the missing part of the file structure was removed.

11) Go into the third level of the initially created directory. Use the more * command on two or three files redirecting the output to a file: more * > morefile; echo "more file" >> morefile; cat morefile.

12) In the same directory, use the cat * command on those files redirecting the output to a file: echo "cat file" >> catfile; cat * > catfile; cat catfile.

13) Turn in the following outputs in your resulting Word (or PDF) document:
a. Results from step 9
b. Results from step 10
c. Results from step 11
d. Results from step 3-8 by showing a full directory listing of the directory structure and answer to question in step 8
e. Contents of the last “cat catfile” command in step 12

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1) Outline of a grocery store
a. Fruit
i. Apples
1. Delicious
a. Golden
b. Red
2. Jona
a. Large
b. Small
3. Mountainer
ii. Oranges
iii. Pears
b. Vegetable...

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