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The Linux operating system consists of the Kernel some other minor components and then a large number of Device Drivers. Device drivers are the key to how various hardware devices interface with the computer.
Explain what a device driver is and the types of drivers. Then describe in detail how a device driver is written and integrated into Linux (include the necessary data structure descriptions) and detail how a device driver is loaded. You should include a description and even pseudo code of a skeleton device driver.   Describe how the hardware and how the application program can interact with the device driver. Conclude with the roll device drivers play in Linux.
The paper must include an abstract, detailed explanations, diagrams, references and were necessary a glossary of terms. The paper must also include a detailed bibliography of all cited and referenced materials. It is expected that this paper be at least 6 pages in length not including diagrams, abstract and bibliography. Papers without your name on it will receive a zero.

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Choosing and installing the appropriate device driver for achieving a correct and stable system configuration can be a challenging task sometimes. Unlike Windows or Mac OS X systems that provide quite friendly users’ experiences, the configuration of the right device driver requires more skills and knowledge from users. However, Linux OS solves this dilemma by incorporating by default (almost) all necessary device drivers beyond any hardware detail. The current paper aims introducing the role and components of a regular device driver, but also the main interaction types that can be identified either with hardware or application. Even if they run in the kernel space, they are designed acting like a necessary “link” between hardware device and applications managed by users.
It is estimated that 75% of the current Linux code is meant for device drivers’ framework. In fact, all devices use in the first place a base framework which contains modules that are necessary to deal common routines (e.g. interruptions, power management). This means that a device driver known as “struct” is needed by all driver to work properly. Moving one step further, it can be said that is not safe allowing applications running in the user space to access the hardware they need directly. In Linux, but not only, the communication is dealt by “buffers” like device drivers. Moreover, the programmers must write the code in a manner which ensures independence of the underlying hardware layer. Or, this task cannot be achieved without the contribution of device drivers....

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