For question 1, assume that your id number is 3304. 1. You need ...

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For question 1, assume that your id number is 3304.

1. You need to find the grades file where I have your assignment grades. Use find to locate any file in my directory ~smcgowan/Cyber called grades.dat.
A) What find command did you use?
Because this command matches more than one file and you don't know which is the one you need to look at, use find to grep each grades.dat file for your id number.
B) What find command did you use?

2. When a program running on a UNIX system "crashes" the system creates a file called core. You are a prolific programmer, and you wish to clean all these files out of your directories. Use a find command to delete them all.
A) What find command did you use?
Because you just accidentally deleted a file you needed, the next time you want to delete all the core files you want to be prompted for each file to make sure that you really want to delete that file.
B) What is the new find command you used?
EXTRA) Show a different solution to part B.

3. Use find to delete any files you own from the /tmp directory.
A) What find command did you use?

4. You need to make an alphabetized list of all the players (last name only, no duplicates) listed in the file ~smcgowan/Cyber/Unix/Data/cards.
A) What awk command will list just the players names?
B) What is the UNIX command string (awk piped to something) that you need to do the whole job? (extract the players names and then alphabetize the names)

5. You need to make a list of only the cards of players on the Yankees.
A) What awk command will do this?
B) What grep command will do this?

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$ find ~smcgowan/Cyber -name grades.dat –print
find: cannot read dir /users/faculty/smcgowan/Cyber/Unix/Final/Secret: Permission denied

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