Introduction: The project we are dealing with is a heated mug. This report gives us basic understanding about the engineering design and validation of heated mug.
Definition: The heated mug is basically used to maintain the temperature of the liquids from dropping below a particular temperature and to keep it hot. The principle used for the heated mug is thermal insulation principle. It can be used as a home appliance or as travel equipment to carry along with us. It has a USB socket which can be used as a power source.
Design: The heated mug has a very low thermal conductivity so the minimum heat is lost. It has really thicker walls than any of the substance used for the same purpose so it restricts from over cooling or heating it maintains the equilibrium with in the closed jar. The bottom of the mug is not flat at the bottom it will be either concave shaped or their will be extra rim to prevent thermal contact with the surface were the mug is placed finally the handle of the mug keeps the hand away from the hot sides of the mug . The small cross-section of the handle reduces the heat flow between the hand and the beverage inside the mug. Hence it provides thermal insulation with in the mug.

Product Functional Requirements:
1) Mug should be well insulated.
2) It should be insulated with low thermal conductivity material.
3) It should not burn the hands while holding it.
4) It should use less power
5) It should be less weight, Unbreakable and rustproof.
6) It should be easy to carry.
7) It should generally fit into maximum number of mug holders.
Product Performance Requirements:
1) It should be very good choice for auto usage.
2) It should be spill proof.
3) It should be non-toxic and eco-friendly.
4) It should have less responsive time.
Product Environmental Requirements:
1) This should be able to work in temperatures in the range of 32°F to 172°F.
2) Power requirement should be 12V DC.
Reliability Requirements:
1) Heated mug should be guaranteed for 3years.
2) Failures should not exceed 4 per year.
Quality Requirements:
1) Defect rate should be less than 0.005%.
Standard Requirements: Heated mug should have the standards of FDA so the following certificates are issued on the heated-mug
1) It should pass NORWOOD TEST.
2) It should pass SGS inspection and should have the SGS logo on it.
3) It should meet FDA standard.
4) All metal parts coated well.
EHS Requirement:
1) Mug should not be contact with the water and other conducting materials.
2) Mug should be free from electric shocks.
3) Do not place the mug where there is a gas or other inflammable objects.
4) Should take precautions to keep away from children.

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This project’s goal is to design a mug for hot beverages. The mug will heat and keep beverages hot through thermal insulation, which will be accomplished through the physical design and material of the mug. Through the following specifications, the product will be reliable and will provide convenience.

System Functions
This mug can be used to heat and maintain temperatures of beverages, as a household appliance or a transportable container. ...
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