Subsystem Design Specification
1. Table of Contents
2. General Requirements
a. Description – what?
This document is the subsystem Design Specification for:
Reference Document – optional
Abbreviations – optional
b. Project Goals – What are the goals of this design spec
This subsystem design specification shall meet the requirements of SFS for …
c. System Operating Environment – Temperature/Pressure range…
System shall be capable to operate in the temperature range of aaa °C to bbb °C…
d. System Reliability - # of failures per year (per hour…)
System reliability goal – not to exceed aaaa failures per year…
e. System Validation – How to do the system validation and testing?
• System Functional and Performance Validation
• System Environmental Validation
• System Reliability Validation
f. System Quality Requirements - % defect
The acceptable quality shall be less than aaa% defect upon delivery…
3. Subsystem Performance Requirements – Flow down from System Specification
The subsystem shall deliver…
4. Applicable Specifications – System Spec/Government Regulations/Industry Standards
The subsystem shall meet FCC aaaa, UI, aaaa and CE aaaa standards…
5. EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) Consideration –
This subsystem design shall include the use of recycled materials where applicable…

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This document is the Subsystem Design Specification for the Temperature Control subsystem for the Heated Mug. This subsystem maintains the temperature of the beverage inside the mug. The mug heats up the liquid if necessary. Specifically, it will be able to measure the temperature and apply heat. The temperature sensor will be made with resistive elements, which sense differences in heat. The plant which delegates how much heat to add will be based on a differential amplifier, which outputs a voltage to a heating coil, which heats the mug....

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