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Design a voltage-level shifting circuit. If the input to your circuit is 0.0 (V), then the output of your circuit should be 2.0 (V), plus or minus 0.3 (V). If the input to your circuit is 2.0 (V), then the output of your circuit should be 0.0 (V), plus or minus 0.3 (V). The voltage source that drives your circuit has a 50 (Ω) source impedance. The output of your circuit has to drive a 10 (MΩ) load impedance. You only have power supplies providing voltages of 15 (V), 0 (V) and —15 (V). You may use only op amps and 5 % tolerance resistors, with standard values larger than 1 (kΩ). You may assume ideal op amp properties. For this design, use the smallest possible number of op amps.

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Voltage Level Shifting Circuit Design

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