Report on two embedded applications from two different areas of automobile, medical, and robotics.
Use Times New Roman, 12 point font
Describe the function the processor(s) perform in two 400 to 500 word papers

Start of each Application Report
Start each 400 to 500 word application report on a new page
At the top of the page include a title (name of the application)
The name of the processor and number of data bits of the processor
Word count of this application report (use the “word count” function Word)
On the last page of each application report provide information on where you obtained the information.
Web address
Book name, author, publisher
Questions to consider while writing each paper.
What function(s) are performed by the processor?
What calculations must be made by the processor?

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Today, the construction of a vehicle cannot be carried out without a significant use of electronics. One of the most important segment of Electronic Engine Control (EEC) is the navigation system, represented in Global Positioning System (GPS).

The particular application of an embedded system is the GPS module, which bears the core functionality of the navigation system. A typical GPS module consists of an embedded circuitry built with a GPS receiver, a gyroscope, a DVD-ROM, main controller and a display system (Image 1).

Image 1. Navigation system design.

The GPS receiver functionality is based on the satellite position, and it can be used to determine the position of the vehicle and time information, independently of the weather conditions. Using the antenna, the receiver locks the signal to at least three satellites (the 3D position requires minimum of four), and passes the data to the microprocessor....

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