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1. The diagram of FIGURE 1 represents Meter a meter shunted by a parallel I M R M resistance Rs. I / (a) Determine the required value of / the shunt resistance if the S Rs maximum value of the current I Shunt is 200 A. The meter can read a FIG. 1 maximum of 1 mA and has a resistance of 0.1 Q. (b) If the shunt is made of copper and has a cross-sectional. area of 25 cm² calculate its required length. (For copper take pas 10-8 (2m.) 2. The circuit of FIGURE 2 shows a 10 kQ potentiometer with a 5 kQ load. Determine the position of the slider on the 9V 10 kQ X `pot' when the voltage across points "XX 5 kQ is 3 V. FIG. 2 3. (a) Calculate the value of the current through the 12 V battery shown in FIGURE 3. (b) Calculate the power dissipated in R1, R2 and R. 11, I2 13V 14 R 30 R, - / Q R, 2.9 12 V FIG. 3 X ENS-3-TMAv2.1.pdt x 4. If the magnetic flux linking all the turns of a 50 turn coil changes from 10 mWb to 20 mWb and induces an e.m.f. of 62.5 V in the coil, calculate the time over which the flux changes. 5. A 500 mm conductor inside an electric motor has a force of 1.5 newtons exerted on it. If it is at right angles to a magnetic field of flux density 0,6 T. calculate the current flowing in the conductor. 6. FIGURE 4 show the construction of a multi-plate variable capacitor having 4 pairs of plates. The plates, when closed, are separated in air by 0.01 mm and a capacitance range of 10 to 400 pF is required. (a) Estimate the required radius, R, of each plate. (b) The capacitor is set to the maximum 400 pF and is charged to 10 V through a 50 k resistor. Determine: (i) the initial value of current flowing. (ii) the time constant for the circuit. (c) Having fully charged, the capacitor is then discharged through the 50 kQ resistor. Determine: (i) the current flowing when the capacitor has been discharging for 5 us (ii) the voltage drop across the resistor when the capacitor has been discharging for 10 s. Moveable plates mounted on a spindle Rotating Spindle Fixed FIG. 4 7. An inductor of negligible resistance and an inductance of 0.2 H is connected in series with a 330 Q resistor to a 12V d.c. supply. Determine: (a) the time constant of the circuit (b) the voltage drop across the inductor after two time constants (c) the voltage drop across the resistor after three time constants (d) the resistance of a 0.2 H coil used to replace the inductor if the circuit's time constant falls to 0.55 ms.

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