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Electromagnetic Energy Conversion Homework #2: Consider the circuit below: a) Calculate the total impedance as seen by the source (Z=V/I) b) For an RMS voltage, V, of 120V, and f = 60 Hz, find the currents I, IL, and IC c) Calculate the Active/Real power, P, of both resistors and the Reactive power, Q, of the inductor and capacitor. Combine them to find the total active/real and reactive power, the power factor and the Apparent power, S. d) Verify that S = VRMS IRMS e) What is the value of the reactance, placed in parallel with the source that maximizes the power factor? Should it be a capacitor or an inductor? f) Construct the power triangle for this circuit with and without the added reactance. Add numeric values for all sides of the triangles and the angles. g) Suppose the source has an internal resistance of 10mW, which does not affect the external source voltage V, how much Active/Real power is dissipated in the source, with and without the added reactance (see part e). Provide an answer as a percentage of the Active/Real power of the initial circuit. h) Implement this circuit in SPICE. Perform a transient simulation over 10 periods, and provide a plot of the supply voltage and supply current for the circuit with and without the reactance obtained in part e).

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