Project: the autonomous lawnmower robot. Use the ultrasonic, gyroscope, GPS and Tilt switch sensors. What do these sensors will do for the autonomous lawnmower robot?

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1. GPS sensors
GPS or global positioning sensor or system used for detecting the position and for mapping a certain area. GPS sensors mainly consist of receivers which are with antennas. GPS sensor normally receives signals from 24 satellite system which are orbited around the earth. But 4 satellites will be used to map or detection purposes. GPS sensors can be used for mapping the garden and trace the steps in Lawn movers. GPS satellites which are emitting radio signals containing their position vectors and time are received by GPS receiver. Then the receiver calculates and knows where is the exact satellite position is. GPS does this by executing an algorithm to calculate the time it took for the radio signal to reach GPS.
Radio waves are travelling at speed...

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