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1) 50 I a) C =? R1 b) Rp =? I Uc Ú I C a c) I =? m =10V a 1 i, M d) U =? * C . x fo = 218kHz, fo = 6,5 MHz 2) 50 10 a) L =? R1 RK b) i =? Uc Us c) UL=Uc =? =10V L Us o d) Us =? i 00 * e) Us =? f) fo =? fo = 6,5 MHz 3) a) f =? b) =? 2pH 5pH 3pH 1000nH 160pF 270pF 4, 7nF 1, 5nF b) = is this a parallel or a resonant circuit? 4)The ignition coil of an internal combustion engine is switched on and off on the primary side to the 12V battery voltage via a transistor. This primary coil has a number of turns of np = 50. When it is switched off, an induction voltage of 200V is generated, which voltage is to be transformed up to 30,000V for the spark plugs. a) Which number of turns ns is required? b) Which number of turns ns do you need with an efficiency of η = 0.8 of the transformer? 5) A 20pf capacitor has a 1cm lead on each side. The wire thickness is 1mm thick, especially since its surface is silver-plated. If the two ends were soldered together, a parallel resonant circuit would result. What frequency does this arrangement vibrate to? 6 7) a) What is the DC emitter current of T191? b) What is the impedance of R170 and C170 at fo = 12.26MHz? c) What is the capacitive resistance of C188 at a reception frequency of fe = 165kHz 8) a) Calculate L343. b) Calculate the current in L343 with a drain voltage Ufo = 1mV and assuming r = 1.2Ohm of the circuit. c) Calculate the bandwidth. d) Calculate Xc (C345) for long wave of 150kHz. e) Calculate Xc (C357) as short-circuit resistance for long-wave 150kHz.

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