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1. Consider the circuit below. The power source has an RMS voltage of 100V at a frequency of 50Hz. The resistor is 1W, the inductor is 10mH. The switch has an on-resistance of 1mW, and an off-resistance of 1MW, and is turned on during the second half of each half cycle. a) Construct a SPICE schematic for this circuit. Use the SW component and add a model statement such as: .model Switch_Name SW(Ron=1m Roff=1Meg Vt=3V Vh=-.5) Control the switch with another voltage source using the PULSE source parameters. b) Simulate the circuit from t = 0 to 60ms, while effectively shorting the inductor by reducing its value to 1nH. Provide a copy of a plot of the voltage across the resistor and the current through the resistor versus time. Export the data and use it to calculate the energy dissipated in the resistor during one period. From that energy, find the total active power dissipated in the resistor. c) Simulate the circuit again while shorting the inductor, but this time from t = 0 to 1s. Calculate the Fourier transform (FFT is built-in to LTSPICE) and identify the RMS amplitude and phase of the fundamental component and the corresponding active power dissipation in the resistor. d) Calculate the active, reactive and apparent power provided by the source and provide the values of the equivalent LR series circuit. e) Repeat part b), c) and d) with the 10mH inductor.

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