Answer questions below:
- What is convection?

- What is radiative energy transfer? How is it different from Fourier’s Law of heat transfer?

- What are the different types of boundary conditions?

- How does the shape of the system impact the spatial distribution of the state variable? The flux?

- How would you model and explain why N2 and not CO2, is used to maintain pressure of carbonated beverages?

- What is the purpose of overall mass transfer coefficients?

- What is a partition coefficient? Why are these coefficients used?

- Describe, using a graph, the phase equilibrium between a gas and a liquid.

- What are composite systems? Why are these systems so important in material science?

- Describe the types of transport across a membrane in a fuel cell and how hydration impacts transport through microstructure.

- Outline the steps to solving a boundary condition problem.

- What is flux?

- What is driving force?

- What is resistance?

- How does current arise from ions and electrons?

- What assumptions do we make with boundary conditions? Are these always true? If not, give an example of when the assumptions are not valid.

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What is convection?
Convection is transport of a quantity (for example) heat by motion of the vibrating molecules (having thus energy) of the medium themselves within the medium....
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