First Major Essay Assignment
Compose an essay of at least 2000 words but no more than 3000 words (not including your references list) in which you discuss in depth the following topic, making sure to offer your critical thinking opinions (opinions plus reasons and evidence) of relevant ideas from the Weeks 1-4 readings wherever possible:
Since its 1947 decision in Everson v. Board of Education (with an opinion written by Justice Hugo Black), the Supreme Court has further considered and limited the active role that religion or religious institutions can play in the public sphere—that is, on government property. In your essay, present an argument for one of the two following positions:
(b) Faith groups and institutions should not be allowed to form political parties and they should not attempt to gain influence in the workings of government for their views and values by entering the realm of political discourse and attempting to elect their own politicians.

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Religion and government are two diverse entities that always exist in the same environment in human life. It is impossible for a human being not to hold a belief in existence of a supernatural being that controls the world or nature. It is however important to note that in the whole world there is no single religion that is followed unanimously by citizens of a particular state. Even if people are presumed to follow one religion, coercion might be the reason behind it. In reference to the Everson V the board education, the Supreme Court made several rulings that barred the state from using taxes to support any religious institutions or activities or to discriminate one religion over another (Tanenhaus, 2008). This text will support the position that religious faith groups and institutions should never be allowed to participate actively in the political activities.
Paine, in his book, Common Sense evaluated the influence that religious principles held in a religious book called the bible. He noted in history as narrated in the bible, leadership was hereditary. Kings were anointed by a supreme body that the subjects had no control about. This means that the subjects followed the edicts of the kings and could not question them because they believed their rulers were the voice of God. Paine, while quoting the bible noted that Gideon and Prophet Samuel gave reasons why transition of leadership from prophets to kingship was detrimental. They both said that kings would plunder their subjects. They would take their sons and daughters to be the army and cooks respectively. Additionally they posited that the subjects would be levied taxes so that the king could sustain his government. Forced labor was also a possibility according to the two religious leaders (Paine, 1993).
If any state is to follow hereditary leadership as it was the case with Britain, the religious principles deny citizens their right to elect their leadership. Different times calls for different leadership styles. For instance, in America, the Republicans and Democrats are known implement different policies during their tenures. Some of the policies have in the past affected the economy negatively...
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