The case study is 'Sierra Leone Civil War'
Essay should be 3500 words.
International intervention is defined as involvement by a third party in a nationalist conflict – this could be another state or a group of states, or the UN, or a military alliance such as NATO, or a regional organization such as the EU or the African Union.
Intervention covers:
- mediation and diplomacy
- peacekeeping
- coercive forms of intervention such as sanctions and military ‘humanitarian intervention’.
- international tribunals
- partition of states and international recognition of new states,
- ‘state-building’ by the UN or other organizations.
Q1: Types of intervention in your case study (SHORT list in 1 paragraph)
Not all the types of intervention above are relevant to all case studies! Make sure you know which ones were employed.
Q2: Has international intervention helped resolve the conflict in your case study, or has it exacerbated the conflict (and how)?
So, for example if you look at mediation, think about the following:
- What were the principal aims of mediation?
- When and in what respects was mediation successful?
- When and why did it fail, what were the main sticking points?
Q3: What should have been done differently? (policy recommendations)
Logical extension of your analysis: think about alternatives and try to provide evidence as to why this would have been a better course. Speculative, in most cases this is part of an extended conclusion.

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Sierra Leone is a West African country which is well known for the might civil war that took almost a decade to be resolved. It is also positively known for the existence of rich minerals in large quantities including diamond, gold, platinum and silver. The minerals which are believed to be the main source of the war are underutilized by the government thus giving powerful individuals an opportunity to smuggle them out of the country for personal benefits (Ballentine and Sherman, 2003). For this reason, the country despite having such rich resources has remained poor with most citizens depending on agriculture as their source of living. In order to outline and analyze the international intervention which took place in sierra Leone during the war, this paper will look into the conflict and war to bring a clear understanding of how the intervention either solved the problem completely of partially.
The British military intervention during the Sierra Leone civil war was considered successful considering the fact that it brought to an end a destructive civil war decade. The war conflict was based on the resources found in the country, although there is not outright evidence that diamond in Sierra Leone was the main cause of the civil war, factor such as the resource financiering the rebels side during the war back up this claim. In addition, the interest of several individuals and groups in illegal mining of the commodity also accelerated the existence of the war. When the Sierra Leone war got deep rooted with the number of death increasing by each day, the former colonial master (Britain) intervened in search of peace. This intervention was military operated and took at least two years to conclude the decade long war. It was considered a success in the eyes of the whole world as it results unfolded most of the mysteries hidden behind the war. However, this intervention missed some point despite the solution it offered the West African country.
A well known Japanese academic researcher of foreign affairs and international and global relationships of states: Takashi Inoguchi stated that “Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.” It is from these words that we can derive the concept of Nationalist Conflict and International Intervention in countries where civil war or extreme conflict has invaded. This process involves other countries or organization intervening in cases of conflicts in search of peace. These countries or organization in most cases are usually stronger and powerful than the conflicting parties as their agreements are reinforced with fewer options. Such organizations include the United Nations, International statutes that are derived from international law influence from former colonial masters and International jurisprudential entities. One of such countries Sierra Leone faced a decade long civil war which was anticipated by a long built conflict in the country. It therefore took the concern of the international community to intervene and find a solution for the country. The conflict however was too complex that a simple oral invasion was not a long term solution; it therefore took several trials from the international community to come up with the real and long term solution to the conflict in the West African country. The reason behind this can be...

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