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Affirmative action should be continued with changes (you must specify the changes you would like to see). This is just a four pages essay.

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Affirmative action is a process that was started in America as a way of fighting inequality between majority and minority groups. It was first used in the US under the leadership of John F. Kennedy in 1961. Majorly, it started as a way of promoting the welfare of the minority groups. It was instituted through the Executive Order 10925. Additionally in 1965, the then president Lyndon B. Johnson added another Executive Order (11246) which mandated the federal government employers to affirmatively hire American workers to civil service regardless of their race, religion, or their origin. Internationally, different states use different names to refer to it, for instance, in Britain it is called positive action (Axelrod, 2002).
Theoretically, affirmative action is meant give equal opportunities to all citizens. It aims at compensating historical injustices that the majority might have committed against the minority. It strives to achieve equality...

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