As a consultant, you need to develop an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the selected Agency’s Ethics (which is FBOP pr BOP), Cooperation, Leadership, and Legal Decisions and then provide recommendations for improvement. Therefore, you will conduct interviews with agency representatives and research-related academic sources and government Websites. The analysis will be read by the VP of Accounts and Client Support as well as by the leaders of the agency for whom you are working.

Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:
1. Analyze two to three (2-3) current events from the past two (2) years (using the e-Activity in Week 4*) focusing on the administrative responsibility and ethical implications to the stakeholders, organization, and public regarding the issues in described in the current event. (Title this section Administrative Ethics.)
2. Assess the leadership of this agency (in light of leadership models) and of the political context in which the agency operates, highlighting at least three (3) ways internal agency leaders and   political leaders have influenced the success and / or failure of the agency. (Title this section Leadership Influences.)
3. Analyze the power the agency has in enforcing the regulations they are asked to uphold (using the e-Activity in Week 5). Discuss two to three (2-3) challenges to enforce the agency’s regulations.   (Title this section Legal Decisions.)
4. Analyze three to four (3-4) strategies for the agency’s future plans for administrative ethics, leadership, and legal to improve the agency’s operation and its primary recipients. (Title this section Strategies for Consideration to Administrative Processes.)
5. Recommend two (2) strategies that will provide immediate improvement based on models that influence public policy and the three to four (3-4) strategies presented in criteria four (4) above with a reason each recommendation would bring about improvement. (Title this Recommendations for Improvements to Administrative Processes.)   
6. Provide proof of one to two (1-2) interviews by submitting the completed interview form with a list of questions for and responses from each interviewee. (Put this in the Appendix under Interview Forms.)
7. Provide four to five (4-5) relevant and credible outside resources that support the content of this assignment. (Include no more than one (1) non-government Website.)

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
• Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
• Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The sections must have appropriate titles. The cover page, reference page, and appendix pages are not included in the required assignment page length. The assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

The Center for Public Integrity is amongst the oldest nonpartisan and nonprofit oriented investigative news agency. It was started by Charles Lewis in 1989. It unearths acts of abuse of power, corruption and public trust betrayal which is perpetrated by both public and private institutions that wield a lot of power in the US. The organization does not pay taxes because its operations are geared towards protecting public interests with no profit generation as one of its interests. The organization does research and fact finding on events that take place in the country in its daily operations. It depends on all media to distribute its findings to the citizens and the world at large. The organization deals with matters that affect the environment, politics, business, health, juvenile justice and business ethics. The primary goal of the organization is to act as a check and balances that the three arms of the government do not check because at some points, they are the perpetrators of some injustices to the public (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, 2013).

Administrative Ethics
The Center for Public Integrity as mentioned in the paragraph above is spearheaded by the objective of ensuring the public interest and good is implemented. One of the main areas of public interest which this organization targets, investigates, reports and recommends actions in its events is the environment. Considering that the environment is one of the basic elements of survival in a healthy nation, it is out of public interests that the organization is concerned about it. Environmental issues which in the recent past have been of concern to this organization include the reforms which would protect coals miners from the black lung disease(Hamby, 2014), the lawsuit to push environment protection agency to monitor both gas and oils emission as well as the issue on Yellowstone spill(Benzene) contaminating drinking water with the carcinogenic element (Hopkins, 2015)....
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