You are asked to undertake a Service Learning Project and to write a ten-entry report about your efforts. Any type of volunteer work is acceptable for this project, so long as it is serving the needs of the larger community in some way. Examples of places to volunteer would be homeless shelters, nursing homes, hospitals, Habitat for Humanity, the Boy and Girl Scouts, churches, mosques, temples, and so on. This Service Learning Project can be a continuation of volunteering you've done in the past, but all of the volunteering that you write about in your journal must have been done during the current term.

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According to the Signature Series requirements, I undertook the service learning project by volunteering to teach three high school students mathematics for three hours a week for seven weeks. I chose this project because I am good in mathematics and would like to help others especially kids who are behind in this subject. In my view, the purpose of life can be expressed in helping others. The service learning experience has demonstrated that helping enrich the lives of young people through volunteering is an enriching process that is essential for personal development. About ten years ago, I helped other high school kids by tutoring math and the outcome was very encouraging. Motivated by this experience, helping students improve their mathematical skills through individualized tutorage has become an important issue that I intend to pursue in the future. During the service project, I worked with three high school students with whom we reviewed different mathematics questions and test strategies that would help the students improve their mathematical skills and perform better in school. The service learning was an eye-opening experience since it presented an opportunity to practice skills and knowledge acquired in class. For the seven weeks that I worked with the three students, we established a personal relationship that enhanced the learning experience. Service learning presents an individual with the opportunity to become an active member of the community. Service learning allows an individual to develop his or her character through interacting with the members of the society and apply skills learned in class. I strongly believe that service learning is an exceptional opportunity for an individual who is ready and willing to take advantage and practice what is learned in class and use it in helping the society. An individual gets to learn as they help the target community....

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