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1. Describe your final three to five (3-5) observations about the success of the agency, highlighting the value of the agency to U.S. citizens, its success at meeting its goals, and areas where it can improve.
2. Recommend two or three (2-3) strategies for improvement, providing sound justification for each.
3. Describe your experience in researching the agency and interviewing representatives, highlighting the value the project has to your career, the positive elements, and the challenges you faced during the process.

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Since its establishment in 1930, BOP has developed and expanded to an extent of accommodating 200,000 male and female inmates. Despite a tightly controlled budget and over-worked staff and facilities, BOP has managed to achieve this growth. The workers at BOP are overwhelmed by the ever increasing number of inmates and the need to expand the facilities in order to accommodate the inmates. The ever growing prison population has outstretched BOP’s capacity which has caused overcrowding. Originally, the BOP operated 14 facilities only, but that growth in the inmate population overtime has generated a larger role for the BOP to play. From the 1940s up to present day the BOP has doubled the inmate population every ten years, and the...

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