Pick a topic of special interest to you. Examples: a country, a theorist or ideology, an interest group or issue, a political upheaval or a historical period, a particular electoral contest, past or current. Remember: power and politics are relational…more than one side in the discourse.

1. Discuss the various perspectives on the topic around political power: “who gets what, when and how.” Discuss power: behavior to further your own interest and power or to reduce someone else’s.

2. Offer an interpretation or position paper on the full implications of each perspective including who wins or benefits, who loses, the risks, fairness or unfairness and costs, or, who pays.

3. Provide a description of the “stakeholders” from all points of view.

4. Provide an assessment of the sources of power behind each perspective; the motivation of each stakeholder.

5. Provide a historical perspective.

6. Describe the power “tools” of each perspective:
• equal or unequal (skewed)
• access to money
• access to media
• access to executive/legislature/judicial support
• public support
• support of special interest groups
• support of “science” or “experts”

7.       Provide your judgment of the merits for each perspective based on the democratic principles of “majority rule” and “protection of minority and individual rights and liberties.”

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Debatably, the United States of America is a great place to build one’s life. Guided by the American dream, most people feel it is the best place to settle in and grow into a holistic individual .Moreover, unlike other communities, the topic of freedom and human rights is a key priority for the government and this community at large. As such, people get the chance to express their freedom and if it conflicts with other people’s beliefs and ideologies then the rule of majority wins, take course (Beyrer, 2014). In that regard, the question of sexual morality is always a major topic of discussion in many states of America due to the condition and state in which they go through at the hands the U.S. citizens. The lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender issue precisely, pops up in the media numerous times. Since there is no standard international unit of determining which sexual orientation is mightier or holier than the other, different groups always argue over the issue....
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