Pick one of the following essay prompts and answer in 7-8 pages (New Times Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins).

The recommended sources are listed after each prompt question.
You MUST use these sources and cite everything that comes from a source.

You may cite other relevant works,

I. Use the automaticity and leadership models to explain the behavior of American soldiers

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The Behavior of American Soldiers in the Second World War In The Light of Automaticity and Leadership

The Second World War begun in 1939 and in late 1945, the Axis and the Allies entered in a peace treaty.
Despite the short engagement period in comparison to other regional warfare, the Second World War remains the most lethal global conflict that involved more than 30 countries with a direct inclusion of more than one hundred million people.

During the war, the countries engaged with full economic, political, and social capabilities, thus erasing the lines between the government, military and civilian warfare resources.

As such, the war commanders recruited civilians to the battlefields following the shortages of work force and the dying desire to win the war.
USA in particular, used the help black Americans who were the former trade slaves.

Accordingly, the USA combative, just like all the other engaging nations, lacked military coordination due to the poor operational capabilities of the newly trained soldiers.
Consequently, during the war, the American soldiers depicted dynamic behavior and responses. The paper seeks to explore the behavior of the US soldiers in the Second World War according to the automaticity and leadership models utilized in the execution of the military procedures (Guilford, 1949).

The theory of atomicity dictates that the ability to perform a task or compliance is a direct co-relation of the individual’s ability to perform the said action subconsciously while maintaining other brain functions. Therefore, for an individual to decently deliver on a physical action he or she must have the familiarization of the action to a subconscious level (Class Notes). There are...

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