1) Issue Research Summary
Choose an issue to make the focus of your research by selecting from this list of potential issues:
Please choose whatever you are comfortable with. Also, note that the 2nd is based on the 1st part.
Death penalty
Budget deficit
Education policy
Social Security
Climate change
Financial regulations

Once you select an issue, you will post information related to your issue online. You must identify at least three sources related to your topic; potential sources include scholarly research (either primary or reported in secondary sources), think tank reports, newspaper stories, raw data or statistics, books etc. It is okay to post sources that have an opinion on your issue (in other words, they don’t have to be neutral sources), but any source you post should contain some factual information that helps you understand the different positions related to your issue. As you do your research, look for the specific policy options that people disagree about--these will be important for you to understand as you think about what to write in your letters to an elected official.

For each of these postings, you must include two things:

A citation for the source (using APA citation style) and a link if it’s available online.

At least three key points from the source. Try to focus on finding the “take-away” from the source. What were the key points or unique perspectives, arguments or pieces of evidence that are important for a reader to take away?

To create a citation for your source, you may visit a citation generator on the web. We will be using APA citation style; for the link just provided, click on the link to APA style on the left of this page, and then select which type of source you have. Enter the required information and a citation will be generated for you. You can cut and paste this citation into your blog post.

2) Letters to Elected Official
For this component of the assignment, you will write two letters to one elected official about the issue you have chosen to research. Each letter should take opposing positions on the issue and include the best arguments and evidence for each of these two sides. You don’t actually have to send either of the letters (though you may do so, of course); the letters will just be uploaded here. When picking an official to whom you’ll write, consider the nature of the issue and which level of government (national, state, local) and which branch is in a position to affect policy in the ways you suggest.

To help you construct the arguments in the letters, you might read through the research summaries by others; you are also encouraged to go beyond these sources and read more widely about the issue. Though you naturally will be inclined to support one position more than the other, it is important that you make the case for the other side as strongly as your own; if it helps, imagine you are an attorney representing a client and helping the client write the letter (and getting paid based on how well you do it!).

To emphasize, you will write two letters to the same elected official, with each letter taking opposing positions on the issue.

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U.S. has several conflicting issues with Iran, coupled with Tehran’s location in the troubled middle-eastern neighbourhood. But, currently major concerns are regarding the potential development of nuclear weapons by Iran. Although, Iran is a non-weapon member state signatory of the 1960s Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), yet, its current   changed posture is posing considerable challenge to the global nuclear nonproliferation issues. As a signatory of the treaty a non-weapon member has access to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes on the condition of mandatory International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections on their facilities. The NPT allows nonnuclear weapon state members to acquire the entire nuclear fuel cycle—from uranium mining to enrichment and reprocessing—as long as the nuclear technology and materials are placed under safeguards.   There can be a case that a signatory (like North Korea) can first acquire...

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