Write an essay answering ALL parts of the long-answer essay question and all parts of two of short-essay questions. Be sure to carefully read the question, make sure you directly address the question and don't stray off topic. Also, please keep your essay organized so the reader may follow your points. If you use ideas or data from the text you must use citations in order to avoid failure due to plagiarism. Please don’t use direct quotations from the text. I want you to explain concepts in your own words. You should have a total of 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins. 

Essay question ~3 pages 
1) Describe the various ways that bureaucracies differ from each other, other than the obvious factor of having different policy areas. Be sure to not only list the ways bureaucracies differ, but explain in depth why these differences are worth mentioning. In other words, what’s important for how the government operates about the differences? (You wouldn’t need to note that some bureaucratic agencies are housed in buildings with five floors, while others are in buildings with seven floors.) 

Short answer questions ~1 page each 
1) Compare and contrast the ways Wilson and Gormley & Balla explain the working relationship between agencies. Include a discussion of the interactions of agencies as a whole, as well as executives. 
2) Explain the concept of the street-level bureaucrat. Discuss the importance of these officials on bureaucratic policies/goals/strategies, as well as the relationship between the public and bureaucracies. 

Bonus question ~half a page 
1) Read and give a short summary of a news article from the past month about a bureaucratic agency. Include a link to the article.

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Bureaucracies occupy a significant position in the modern day governance. There has been an increase in the bureaucratic organizations simultaneous to the expansion of government’s sphere of activities. (Gormley and Balla, 2013) The changing national and international situations, especially post 9-11 led to significant reanalysis of the security situation in the U.S. It was realised that the U.S. needed a separate department for internal security. This led to the formation of the Department of Homeland Security in 2002. Thus, with the changing domestic and international situations the governance structures also continue to expand in scope and function.
Bureaucracies are quite different based on the role that they perform, their organization structure and the level at which they are functioning. The respective dimension of the   issues and the goals of the organizations shapes their interaction with the public. This in turn, creates greater demand and enhances the visibility of the organization. Wilson identifies the common bureaucratic organisational structure is broadly composed of front-rank officers, managers and executives. (Wilson, 1991) But, the power that different bureaucracies yield depends on the level...

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