Explain why Iris Marion Young focuses her analysis of oppression on groups, rather than individuals. How does she define groups and what is the role for individuals in her analysis? How useful to you find this focus on groups and structures of oppression? Explain your response.

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Iris Young in her “Five Faces of Oppression” has provided an analysis of oppression that prevails in the modern world, even in the liberal democratic societies. She argues this is a different from of oppression that prevailed in the past such as tyranny or dictatorial governments. In those types of political structures there were tyrants or brutal dictators that ruled over the masses, often in places that were conquered. Thus, oppression was by an individual/s on the different groups of masses.   With the advent of modern democratic political structures, this phenomenon of oppression may seem to be a part of history. Any system of oppression is unlikely to prevail in the modern liberal democratic societies as the rights of people are safeguarded in the constitution. But, Young proposes that oppression prevails in the contemporary society as well, though, in...

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