Part I: The first part of your research, you will research current conditions and the political discourse (public debate, media analysis, reporting, public discussion, Congressional interviews) concerning the current state of affairs and challenges associated with your selected topic of controversy. Required: Focus on viewpoints and differences about existing laws and proposed initiatives and legislation between conservative (Republican, Tea Party) and liberal (Democrats, Progressives). This requires that in your description, you breakdown your research findings into parts that cover a general range of political ideologies. Examine arguments, speeches, Congressional debates, media reports, White House coverage, voter preferences and dominant public opinion to include the range of political activism (interest groups). This exploration should reveal efforts to compromise on solutions. You may discover resolve of the arguments showing favor to one side of the political ideological spectrum. (Reference the Shea textbook for a clear understanding of ideological (i.e. conservative vs. liberal) concepts and groups).

Part II: After thorough understanding of the issues and the range of perspectives; the second part of your research reflection will focus on your ideas, opinions, insights and thoughtful deliberation on possible resolutions or changes. Offer factual and supportive evidence to support and reflect your perspectives, opinions, ideas, suggestions and attitudes about the issues.


Step 1: Choose your topic from the list provided or you may select your own Political or Public Policy related topic.
Step 2: Develop you outline on the form provided.
Step 3: Writing your paper

« Thesis: State your purpose for writing about your chose topic. This should be written to convince the reader that you have interesting research, direction and point of view to present.
« Introduction: Here you will provide your reader with some basic information about your topic with an explanation of what you are investigating and an overview of the issues you are attempting to address.

« Research and Analysis: Review your published materials. Discuss conservative vs. liberal perspectives on the inssue. Once you conduct the overview of your literature, you will collect the information, facts and data you want to present in your paper. This requires that you break the description of your research into parts. Discuss your research as it relates to your original thesis statement.

Next . . .

« Interpretation or Reaction: Here you can point out the significance of your findings and discuss the results of your study and seek to apply the implications of the investigation to your own assertions and conclusions.


« Evaluation or Assessment: Judge the information you have discovered. Decide how your ideas compare to the works you have read. In that process, apply your own observations and experience (if applicable) to the examination of your research.

« Opinion or Perspecitve in Conclusion: Here you will sum up your exploration into the topic. Consider the impact of the challenges associated with the issue. Discuss the complexity of the issues. In conclusion, describe how logically, the perspectives described in your paper (yours and those of other authors) will add value to finding resolve to the challenges you describe.

The Research Paper should include three main parts:
• Opening - statement of purpose. What are you writing about and why?
• Body - present research (Conservative vs. Liberal perspectives)

• Closing - statement of summary, opinion and conclusion.
Paper is to be 3 to 4 pages typed, double spaced, with one inch margins.
Formatting will follow the Modern Language Association (MLA) writing style guide (a website link to this guide is provided in our online classroom.)
A minimum of five (5) in-text citations and three (3) sources are required. No text book or encyclopedia references permitted and a maximum of two (2) internet sources allowed. Library usage is required as an exercise in accessing resources and appreciating the value of Library reserves. MSJC Library has an excellent government and political electronic resources collection, which may be referenced. Note: Too many lengthy quotes may result in point deductions.
Appropriate writing decorum (absolutely no slang or vulgarities) must be practiced in all written (and oral) expression.
Your term paper will be evaluated for following formatting guidelines, grammar and spelling, organization and critical thinking.
Include your name, title of assignment, and course number.
Use one-inch margins throughout the paper (top, bottom, sides).
Use Page Numbers.
Use double spacing throughout, including title page (if used), References, and indented quotations).
Follow the Modern Language Association (MLA) writing style guide (a website link to this guide is provided in our online classroom.)
In-text citations and Bibliographies page must follow MLA formatting. All published documents and outside sources must be documented. These include, but are not limited to:
Web sites
material from electronic databases
radio or television programs
letters and correspondence, including e-mail
Plagiarism is forbidden. It is a form of academic dishonesty. I will adhere to academic policy and penalties for plagiarized work. Simply put, you must give credit to authors' for their work. Presenting others research, comments, opinions, data or statistics as your own is unethical.

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