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Analyze and discuss Climate Change City Plans for US cities or World cities.

1. Description of the city (population, density, area, largest distance,
how many districts, borough, etc...) (Use data, map or graphics)
2. Challenges of the adaptation and mitigation city plan.
3. Strategies of the adaptation and mitigation plan. Are these

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Climate Change and urban Sustainability
The increased human activities have led to climatic change due to human manipulation of nature. According to World Bank (2009), global warming is the key contributor to the climate change in major world cities. During production, individuals and organizations use carbon rich elements, which release carbon gasses to the atmosphere thus leading to depletion of the ozone layers. Consequently, cities experience increased global warming and chief transverses in climatic cycles. The rationale of this document is to investigate the climate change in Seattle city as well as climate control policies enhanced by the city authorities. In addition, the author examines the numerous challenges faced during the planning and execution of these climate control systems....

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