Write a report based on an interview of this official (Ronald Reynolds). Prepare an interview questionnaire and ask questions to further probe the administrative practices of this individual, his/her discretionary powers, the problems encountered in the course of execution of duties, accountability, ethics, and level of satisfaction with his/her job. Report your findings.

Discuss issues with reference to your acquired knowledge in the MPA program. Here you can comment on the deviations between theory and actual work practices in public administration.

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Interview of Mr. Ronald Reynolds

Public administration is a complex task since it requires the balancing of interests of different people in the society. Society at large is composed of several individuals from different backgrounds and as such, they have different needs and requirements. In this report, I would further discuss the administrative practices and challenges of Mr. Ronald Reynolds. It has been 3 sessions through which he has been present in the Texas House representing the common masses and interviewing him helped me to learn a lot about the difficulties and benefits of public administration.

Summary of interview
During my 2-day interaction with Mr. Reynolds, I had learnt a lot about him. I had also prepared questionnaire, as shown in Appendix 1, so that I could learn about important aspects in this short time period. During his tenure, Mr. Reynolds stated that he had been authoring, sponsoring and co-authorizing 85 pieces of legislation. In terms of administrative focus, he was keenly committed towards development of areas such as criminal justice system reformation, expansion of Pre-Kindergarten in public schools and providing funds to achieve the same, along with providing opportunities for economic development. As there are several issues that require his attention...
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