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Getting to Know Your Congressional Senators
You will identify your Congressional Senators. Using the Senate website you will research your senators’ legislative accomplishments. You will then compose a 500 word essay in which you declare your support or opposition to your senators’ re-election.
Within a 500 Word essay please include:
• An introduction
• Describe your state. What are its major cities? Is it predominantly rural or urban? Does your state have important industry, finance, and tourist centers? Does the unique ‘make-up’ of your state influence legislation or policy positions?
• Does your state lean Republican or Democrat? Why?
• Who are your senators? What are their party affiliation, background, length of service, voting record, and key issues?
• Given what you have read for this week, do your senators follow the delegate or trustee concept of a legislator?
• Would you support your senators’ re-election to office? Why or why not?
• Support your answer(s) with information obtained from the text and at least two academic sources.
• A conclusion
• Correct grammar and syntax
• APA format

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The senate is mandated with the legislative role that helps in formulating and enacting laws that are beneficial to the Citizens. In this case, senators contribute variably in the formulation of the Acts and enactment. Some Representatives demonstrate greater commitment than others do. To demonstrate this, the paper shall put into perspective is Eugene S. Clarke, a Senator member representing Mississippi District 22. Born in the year 1956, Clarke was a representative of the...

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