1. Compare and contrast the 2004 and 2012 presidential elections by reviewing one Democratic ad and one Republican ad from each election (four ads overall). Which ads were more effective and why? How did they affect turnout and election results?

2. Using a current bill, illustrate how a bill becomes a law in the federal government. Discuss how which steps the bill has already passed, and then explain which steps it has left to become a law.

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1. For elections in 2004 I chose ad Safer, Stronger. that was used by the presidential candidate George W. Bush and ad Believe used by John Kerry during the same elections. The slogan Safer, Stronger and ad that followed it was mainly used as the year of 2004 was the peak of the securitization era in post-9/11 America. Safety and security were some of the central topics in US politics as large parts of US population were frightened of another major terrorist attack and this ad was at the end quite effective. On the other side we have the slogan Believe and ad based on the slogan that was used by the presidential candidate John Kerry. The ad was quite generalized, emptied in content and did not correlate to any specific area of American life. At the end, John Kerry lost the elections because, in my opinion, he had nothing specific to offer besides criticizing the Bush administration....

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