ISIS AND ALQADDA AND THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM IN IDEOLOGY AND HOW THEY START. And what the roll of the government in the Medial East to stop them and how.
Management of Savagery
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1. Introduction
Over the years now, the world has witnessed terror attacks from Al-Qaida, which is a Muslim extremist’s organization. The central aim group, as proclaimed by their leader in 1989 is to maintain world order and ensure the supremacy of the Muslim religion. However, instead of using the rational and justified approaches to increase the coverage of the religion, the organization uses force, maiming, and terror attacks in the attempt to make other countries heed their demands. On the other hand, ISIS, introduced in 2014, also employs similar approaches in ensuring its supremacy at international platforms. The two groups have major similarities in their ideologies, objectives, and the approaches they employ to achieve their goals. Nevertheless, despite the similarities, there also exist differences, which are due to time difference. The most evident differences between the two groups include demands, operations, specific targets and reiteration during wars. In this paper, the author examines the major differences and similarities between these two groups as indicated over the years.
A.    ISIS
The Islamic State of Al-Sham (ISIS) is a militant...

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