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Role play that you are applying for a position at a nonprofit organization. The interviewer has asked you the questions below. What would you say???

1. Explain the major milestones in the historical evolution of nonprofit organizations in this country and why these milestones are important.
2. Nonprofit organizations are established to promote a shared mission or set of values. Explain ways in which the organization can demonstrate its mission and values in all that it does, internally and externally. What hurdles does a modern-day nonprofit face in terms of promoting its mission? Protecting its mission?

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NGO’s Success in History
Question 1
In the US, NGO’s started to emerge after the cold war that left most of the populations marginalized (Turkish Daily, 2007). In 2007, approximately 1.2 million NGOs were aiming at increasing the national identity of the country and promoting equitability (USAID, 2015). In...

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