Defense of duffer's drift

Summarize the book and analyze the main ideas and characters.

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The defense of duffer's drift

The defense of Duffers Drift is a book written by Major General Ernest Swinton about covering security lines in a war.
He wrote the book while he commended battles during the Anglo-Boer war at the turn of the twentieth century.

As a brand new commander, he was given the onus of protecting the Duffers Drift with all that it would take.
He had to devise a plan of protecting his soldiers and come out successfully even as he had no combat experience.

It is a concise depiction of what the lieutenant did on the battlefield, a feat that would later earn him a distinguished service order because of his bravery and his ingenious ways of defeating the enemy.
In the book, the author posits that sometimes it is important to use unconventional tactics to defeat the enemy and suit the different circumstances as the enemy employs varying tactics.
The thesis by the author is supported...

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