Reaction paper on the following statement: “Fear is the foundation of most governments.” (John Adams)
1. Clearly define the issue addressed in the statement
2. Clearly state your position on the issue (agree or disagree)
3. Defend your position
a. identify important arguments needed to support your position
b. use examples to support your argument when necessary
c. present your position logically and consistently
4. Conclude concisely
Your paper should be 2-3 FULL pages long (this does not include a title page or bibliography), typed, double-spaced, with an appropriate font (10-12) and one inch margins. You are strongly encouraged to use outside sources, make sure you cite them correctly and include a bibliography. In other words, do not plagiarize! Avoid using direct quotes; paraphrase instead.

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Reaction Paper
In 1776, the second president of the United States (US) of America John Adams quoted “Fear is the foundation of most governments”, wherein he observed that it “was so sordid “and with a brutal passion that it rendered those that believed in it stupid and miserable .By his estimation, the Americans public were unlikely to approve any institution that was founded on it. The Founding Fathers had hoped that the Americans would possess the strengths and virtues that would usher liberty in the fatherland....

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