Respond to the following in at least 200 words. Please use APA format and references.

Conduct brief research online and identify an example of a major cyber attack or IT disruption from any cause. Describe who was the aggressor and their motives, or what was the cause, and the impacts of the event. How could this type of disruption or attack be prevented or mitigated in the future?

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The United States received the most and severe cyber-attacks in the year 2017, which led to heightened security at the federal and the state levels. As noted in most reports, one of the major cyber-attacks that attracted different discussions and questions over the security measures in the US digital systems is the infiltration of the country’s power grid (Kshetri & Voas, 2017). The case of hackers infiltrating the electricity grid of a nation like the US may sound impossible or something that can only happen in fiction movies....

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