Please respond to the following discussion question in at least 200 words a piece. Use references in APA format.

1) Which of the TSA measures or programs for aviation security do you consider to be the most effective and beneficial? Which (if any) do you find ineffective or even objectionable? Explain.

2) Regarding the overall Transportation sector, which mode (e.g., commercial aviation, general aviation, ports and maritime shipping, mass transit such as subways and buses, etc.) do you feel involves the highest threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, and why.

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Discussion Question 1: Aviation Security
Over the last two decades, terrorism has been on the rise prompting the government to set up measures to counter the security threats. For instance, following the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the government established the transportation security administration (TSA) to address security issues in the transport sector. In essence, TSA has incorporated advanced security programs both visible and invisible to achieve its mission of upgrading security in the transport sector. Whereas personal screening is crucial, luggage screening at airports is the most effective security measure in aviation. Fortunately, new technology has revolutionized luggage screening at airport checkpoints.
Due to advancement in technology, small but lethal weapons such as bombs and guns have been invented which are hard to detect through routine scrutiny (Sakano, Obeng & Fuller, 2016). Additionally, new methods of trafficking weapons have been developed....

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