Write an essay on "Mission Command Reflection".

The essay's parts will be:
-Intro (No Abstract is needed)
-Mission Command Philosophy
-Mission Command as a War fighting Function
-How I Would use Mission Command as a War fighting Function in my next assignment
-Reference Page (how to reference military regs is in the attachments)

The thesis needs to be presented as a Purpose Statement and can appear anywhere in the Introduction. Example.... "The purpose of this reflection paper is......."

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Mission Command Reflection
Mission Command (MC) plays a fundamental role in the U.S. Army because it is not only a philosophy of command, but also a function of warfighting. Primarily, Mission Command refers to a situation in which the commander applies direction and authority to support a well-organized initiative with the aim of creating responsive and adaptive leaders in the conduct of unified land operations (Department of the Army, 2015).

As a warfighting function, Mission Command integrates activities, enables a commander, and combines warfighting tasks (Department of the Army, 2015). The purpose of this information paper is to describe the philosophy and apply Mission Command. I will do this by connecting the ideologies of mission command to the mission command systems, which refers to the arrangement or organization of networks, personnel, Information Systems (IS), amenities, processes, and procedures so that commanders can carry out U.S. Army operations productively.   I assert that it is critical to demonstrate my competency in creating shared understanding and exercise a clear commander’s intent to succeed in my duty. I plan to use historical examples in the paper to drive my approach to MC.

Mission Command Philosophy
The context of Mission Command illustrates that a successful commander acknowledges and appreciates the notion that leadership involves the practices of directing the growth of the team (Department of the Army, 2012). A successful commander plays a monumental role in the establishment and sustenance of mutual trust and facilitating a culture of shared understanding throughout the army. Furthermore,...

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