The final paper must include a brief history of the strategy as well as answer the following questions:

Videotaped Beheadings

-Why is this a terrorist strategy?
-Which terrorists use this strategic method?
-Why? When is this strategic method effective?
-Why? What are the flaws of this strategy?
-Why? and What infrastructures support the use of this method as part of a terrorist strategy? How and Why?


A government at times faces various challenges and numerous threats of terrorism. However, with a strong posture and international cooperation from its allies, the US will play a vital role in meeting its goal of keeping the country safe.

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Videotaped Beheadings

Beheadings, or violent decapitations, represent a method of detaching the head from the rest of the body, typically as a form of punishment against the individual involved. Although beheadings are most commonly associated with punitive measures practiced in pre-Enlightenment Europe, they were widely practiced in the rest of the world as well (Tracy & Massey, 2012, p. 1). The act continues to be performed in some present-day Islamic societies, such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar (Hood & Hoyle, 2015, p. 178). What is more, it has become an important strategic tool of terrorist organizations, which film the procedure in order to use it as a fear-mongering tactic against its perceived political adversaries (Jones, 2005, v).

While it oftentimes seems difficult to point out a singular case as a progenitor of a phenomenon, most scholars happen to agree that the beginnings of present-day videotaped beheadings can be traced back to the highly-publicized decapitation of American journalist David Pearl. This piece of visual recording has since set a propagandist paradigm for intimidation and shock value among non-state terrorist organizations, most of which have been radical Islamist groups. Its legacy, however, has had varied repercussions that appear to be context-dependent. While videotaped beheadings have come to serve as a recruitment instrument among radical Islamists, they are frequently subject to censorship in the West, due to their cruel and abominable nature (Grindstaff & DeLuca, 2004, p. 306–307)....

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